Makeup Menu | The Perfect Nude Nail

I have forever been in search of the perfect nude nail polish. One that will look good all year, one that doesn’t wash me out, that isn’t too pinky and one that will look good with all outfits. Thats asking a lot…I know.

Unfortunately I never found the one – but I found two, when layered together make my absolute dream nail polish (that lasts all week!)

This look for me is ideal, I work in a corporate office but I am constantly swatching and having my hands on display at work ( I work in cosmetics)…also I prefer my nails to be painted as I just feel much more put together.

Enter my dream duo.


Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in the shade Rose Cache

While I am not positive, I think this shade might have been limited edition.

This shade has been described as muted vintage pink with tiny flecks of pink/blue iridescent glow.


Dior Vernis Gel Shine and Long Wear Nail Lacquer in the shade Incognito

This shade has been described as a demure nude pink with a hint of grey. I actually really like this worn alone but for me it not quite perfect on its own.


I love this on my natural short nails – I also loved this combination when I had long claw-like tips.


Left Dior – Right Chanel *This is out of focus so you can see the iridescent glow.


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